The Founder

Ashraf Elgamal, Founder

Mr. Elgamal, the man who is the visionary of this landmark pageant. As president of The Arab American Organization, he has put a strong emphasis on the importance of integrating the Arab and American cultures.

A calculated risk-taker, this man is the primary reason and innovative mind behind the extravagant Arab events you’ve heard about for the last several years in the USA.

Year after year, this man continues building support within and beyond the Arab American community. Much of his ambition comes from his humanitarian side, as he strives to make a difference within the Arab American community. He aspires to make this world a better place, one step at a time

• Arab American Organization, President
• Arab TV1, CEO
• Arab American Festival®, Founder
• Miss Arab® Pageant, Founder
• OnTime Technology, LLC., CEO
• Elgamal, LLC., CEO
• Master's Degree in Fine Arts
• Animation Director